Big Picture Strategies for Energy Efficiency

By Fabio Mielli

Energy efficiency in cement plants is a central topic of concern. It's a delicate and multifaceted variable that involves government regulations, societal pressures, cost and competitiveness. A cement producer successful in energy efficiency is synonymous of a successful company. As proof, recent Bloomberg research noticed that green companies from basic resources sectors perform 5% to 10% better (based on stock price performance) against the other companies in the same sector.

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Mathematics: A Tool of Quality Control

by Clyde W. Moore

The design and construction of portland cement plants includes provisions for the required raw materials. The number of raw material streams will be determined by an oxide analysis of the local materials and the need for added supplements. The simplest combination available will probably be a limestone, and a clay or shale, from a local quarry. But would that combination need to be supplemented by sand or a high silica waste product from another process to increase the silica content; or iron ore to adjust the C3A content in the finished cement; or a higher alumina-bearing material?

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