GCCA Calls for Modernizing Construction Industry

Speaking at the annual World Built Environment Forum Summit, Dr. Andrew Minson, director of concrete and sustainable construction at the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA), called on the importance of concrete and modernizing the construction industry. He set out the industry’s role in responding to the mega global trends of accelerating population growth, rapid urbanization and climate change.

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Cartes Group Fined Nearly $80K for Clearing Trees

Local media in Paraguay reported Cartes Group receiving a $79,500 fine for cutting down trees where its proposed cement plant will be built near San Lazaro, Concepción. The company will also have to pay $1.8 million toward gaining environmental certificates for the $180 million project. Cartes Group purchased Calera Risso, the company planning to build the new plant, in late 2018.

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Caribbean Court of Justice Yet to Rule on Rock Hard Cement Case

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) reserved judgement last month on whether to back the previous rulings of regional and global watchdogs that Rock Hard Cement, imported from outside the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), is exempt from higher taxes applied to third-country goods, reported Barbados Today.

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