Motion Industries Universal Driveshaft Assembly Video Motion Industries, a leading distributor of industrial maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) replacement parts, has released a new video on their “MiHow2” series of product/application solutions. The instructive video series’ goal is to share practical industrial applications that viewers can adapt in their own facilities. 

Motion’s division Mi Mill Services assisted in the filming of, “How to Install a Universal Driveshaft Assembly.” Mi Mill Services specializes in the build, repair and supply of a variety of universal joints, shaft assemblies and hydraulic/pneumatic components.

“This is a great illustration of how just a few degrees of misalignment can negatively affect a driveshaft’s performance and reliability,” said Randy Breaux, Motion Industries’ senior vice president of marketing, product management & strategic planning. “It’s crucial for a plant or mill to know the alignment criteria for proper installation, to help avoid unplanned downtime.”

Each MiHow2 video was filmed in a workshop setting, and features the Motion Industries host with a guest from one of the market-leading industrial manufacturers – or in this case one of Motion’s own experts – demonstrating a product or application. Motion Industries,


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