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AMETEK Land, a leading industrial combustion efficiency and environmental pollution emissions monitoring specialist, announced a number of enhancements to its Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyzer to improve usability and provide attractive features as standard.


Now available as a free download, Lancom 4’s innovative data acquisition software, Insight, is a powerful tool that allows users to interface their analyzer with a PC for remote control and data logging. Insight offers graphing and analysis tools for data visualization and reporting purposes, providing even easier access to data. Communications between Insight and the user’s PC requires a USB-RS232 interface converter, which is now supplied with every Lancom 4 for quick and easy set up.

Lancom 4 features Wake and Sleep functions, allowing measurements and data logs to be recorded over an extended period. It has the capability to monitor up to nine different gases, a total of 17 measurement parameters with one instrument as well as the ability to data log up to 250,000 records.

Extremely compact and portable, the Lancom 4 weighs only 15 lb. and can easily be carried around a plant, even allowing trouble-free access to remote locations via ladders or gantry work. It comes with a rugged carry case, ensuring that the instrument is protected at all times when in use.

Upgrading to Lancom 4 also has been made much easier. Hardware items, such as external printers or analogue output modules, can be simply plugged in, with no firmware configuration needed. This means that these items can be fitted in the field, avoiding the need to return the instrument to the factory.

“We are continually innovating within our ranges to ensure that we can deliver the most advanced features and software to our customers,” said Derek Stuart, global CE product manager for AMETEK Land. “Our aim is to provide even greater access to the most-accurate information to make gas data analysis as comprehensive as possible.”

AMETEK Land, www.landinst.com

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