Martin Engineering Eliminates Carryback at Cement Plant

With the installation of Martin Engineering’s CleanScrape Primary Cleaner on its #14 conveyor, St. Marys Cement’s Detroit plant was able to improve workplace safety, lower the cost of operation and see a quick return on investment.

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Flexicon IBC Discharger Ideal for Low Profile Areas

A new Bulk-Out low profile discharger from Flexicon raises and positions rigid Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) without the use of a forklift, and makes a dust-tight connection to a surge hopper available with outlets to charge a flexible screw conveyor, tubular cable conveyor or pneumatic conveying system.

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Beumer Introduces New Stretch Film Hood

Beumer Group launched an easy-opening stretch film hood that can optimize unpacking operations and eliminate the need for cutting tools. The product allows retail store and logistic center employees to quickly and easily remove the film when unpacking or repacking goods.

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CEMTEC Offers Kiln Inlet Measurement System

ENOTEC’s CEMTEC kiln inlet measurement is a robust measuring system that is well suited to cement plants. It allows O2, CO, NO and SO2 parameters to be continuously measured in the kiln inlet chamber. In conjunction with additional measurements, it serves to further optimise the production of clinker.

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