Mole-Master to Donate Junior 360H Whip Machine to Kansas State University

Mole-Master Services Corp., a leader in providing silo cleanout services and products to a broad spectrum of industries, donated a Junior 360H to Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kansas) for the university’s unique feed mill training program. Dr. Charles Stark and his students received the donated machine at the recent 2017 IPPE show.

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Conveyor Belt Tracker Technology

Martin Engineering introduced a more effective return belt tracking system that uses high-quality materials for easier maintenance and a longer unit life. Building upon the standard crowned roller, the Martin Roller Tracker uses a unique ribbed lagging made of durable polyurethane to increase performance and wear life. The roller does not come in contact with the belt edge, which means no fraying and excellent tracking for single-direction or reversing belts. The result is more centered cargo loading, less spillage and increased safety from the hazards of belt wander, leading to higher productivity and a lower cost of operation.

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Pneumatic Weigh Hopper with Fill/Pass Valve

Flexicon introduced a new weigh hopper with a fill/pass valve for dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems. Suspended from three small-scale load cells, the gain-in-weight hopper delivers higher accuracy than loss-of-weight systems requiring higher-capacity load cells.

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Bulk Bag Weigh Batch Unloader

Flexicon’s new BULK-OUT Bulk Bag Weigh Batch Unloader with seismic bracing provides added structural integrity and operator safety for installations in regions prone to earthquakes. Four-sided cross-bracing strengthens the frame against deformation and reduces the possibility of a structural failure when subjected to the dynamic loading associated with a seismic event.

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