La Cruz Azul Invests in Innovative Loesche Technology

Cooperativa La Cruz Azul continues to invest in Loesche’s innovative technology after a successfully commissioned grinding plant in Tepezalá, Mexico, in 2018. The company announced installation plans for two Loesche coal grinding plants for petroleum coke grinding in Lagunas and Hidalgo.

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Hycontrol Launches New SHIELD System

Two years after introducing the SHIELD silo protection system, Hycontrol Ltd. announced the launch of the SHIELD Lite SPS, which protects powder storage silos from the dangers caused by excessive pressure during tanker deliveries.

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BPS Offers Flexible Bulk Bag Dischargers

Bulk bag dischargers from Best Process Solutions, Inc. (BPS) provide dust-free product discharge from bulk bags. These bulk bag dischargers are expandable and flexible to meet discharging and bulk bag requirements.

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Bricking Solutions Reinforces Safety with Hydraulic, Incline Conveyors

Bricking Solutions offers hydraulic and incline conveyors to increase maintenance efficiency and reduce worker physical strain. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, these conveyors increase efficiency and safety, while minimizing damage to kilns and refractory materials during routine maintenance.

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