BinMaster Capacitance Probes for Inventory Control

BinMaster’s PROCAP capacitance probes are an affordable, flexible solution for level detection in bins, tanks and silos. The probes detect the presence or absence of material in contact with the probe by sensing minute changes (as low as 0.5 pF) in capacitance caused by the difference in the dielectric constant of the material versus the air.

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Level Detection for Bulk Solids

The Dynatrol DJ level switch is designed for application to either high or low point level detection of bulk solids. The detector operates successfully on applications such as baghouses, cyclone separators or above airlocks to maintain consistent results on cement powders, minerals, and other granulated materials.

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Fairbanks Scales Offers Driver Assist Terminal

Fairbanks Scales Inc., a weighing technology manufacturer, offers the FB2550 Driver Assist Terminal, designed to speed the vehicle-weighing process and reduce associated operating costs.

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ABB Provides Optimizer to Improve Producer’s Efficiency

ABB announced that it will deliver its Ability Expert Optimizer solution to a major cement producer in the Great Lakes region this year. With this new order, the producer seeks to duplicate the success of its parent company, which saw significant returns following the installation of ABB solutions.

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