Total shipments of portland and blended cement in the United States and Puerto Rico were about 4.8 million mt in December 2011, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. This was 16% higher compared with shipments for December 2010. Total shipments for 2011 were approximately 72.2 million mt, up 3.0% compared to year-end 2010.

Clinker production totaled 4.4 million mt in December 2011, 27% higher than the output in December 2010. Production for the 2011 was 61.8 million mt, slightly higher than that in 2010. Masonry cement shipments of about 128,000 mt for December 2011 were about 23% higher compared with shipments in December 2010. Shipments for the year were 1.83 million mt, down 4.0% from those in 2010.

December 2011 imports of cement and clinker of about 443,000 mt were about 8.0% lower than those in December 2010. Imports for 2011 totaled 6.54 million mt, down about 3.0% from those through 2010.