The California Cement Battle


The Sierra Club Released a Report Attacking California Cement Plants, But The Cement Industry Hit Back. By Mark S. Kuhar The Sierra Club California claims that California’s cement plants have higher emissions per ton of cement than similar facilities in China, India and other major cement-producing regions.

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Riding That Train

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Cemex unveils new low-emission, high-efficiency locomotive at Victorville Cement Plant in California. By Mark S. Kuhar Cemex USA unveiled a new low-emission, high-efficiency locomotive at its Victorville, Calif., cement plant as part of its continued commitment to sustainability and to enhance air quality in a community where it has operated for more than 100 years.

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Time to Mention Tension

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Optimize Belt Cleaner Tension to Maximize Performance and Life and Achieve Cleaner, Safer, More Productive Conveying By Mark S. Kuhar Given the number of conveyor-related accidents that occur during routine maintenance and cleanup, every bulk material handler has a vested interest in technologies to help reduce hazards and prevent injuries.

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