Argos Prepares For ‘Vibrant’ Growth In U.S.

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In 2014, Colombia-based Argos recorded historic results in terms of both income and EBITDA, which rose above $2.9 million (17 percent) and $534 million (8 percent), respectively. The company reported unprecedented consolidated figures in terms of cement and concrete sales volumes, dispatching 12.5 million tons of cement and 11 million cubic meters of concrete, and it increased its net profits…

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CAC Sees Public Transit Fund as Key to Boosting Competitiveness, Growth

The Cement Association of Canada (CAC) applauded the recent release of Budget 2015, which indicates that several billion dollars have successfully been invested in critical infrastructure projects across Canada. The association took the opportunity to highlight the critical importance of infrastructure investments in boosting the competitiveness and growth of the private sector, both of which it says are critical to…

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